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The Superheat FGH Advantages

  • 40% Labor Savings

    We have the ability to reduce or optimize the substantial and unpredictable labor component that had been an unavoidable cost and safety concern with traditional heat treatment contracts.

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  • Reduced Schedule

    Our unique process saves you man hours while maintaining the highest quality and safest operations by using our innovative technology.

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  • Benchmark Quality

    Our QMC allows us to exceed audit requirements for the most demanding energy clients and complies with strict requirements of NIAC, NUPIC, ASME, AWS, OSHA and CCOHS.

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What Differentiates Us

What is differentiates Superheat FGH from other heat treatment providers is our world class QMC (Quality Management Center). Our QMC ensures technical experts are watching your project 24/7, 365 days of the year.

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