Our History

Superheat FGH was founded early in the new millennium, near Chicago, IL, and has become one of the fastest growing companies in North America.

The principals at Superheat FGH knew they could solve compelling and emerging construction challenges in an industry that had become outdated and obsolete in many respects. The objectives were very clearly defined by their customers, the leading experts in global construction, consulting, power, refining and petro chemicals.

  • Welding and material requirements more demanding
  • Project costs becoming unpredictable and unmanageable
  • Safety and security are more critical than ever

Superheat FGH incorporates the latest, most advanced and contemporary communication technology and software solutions, with a uniquely comprehensive business model, to meet the most pressing onsite heat treatment challenges of today's industrial construction and maintenance activities.

What Really Sets Superheat FGH Apart

What really sets Superheat FGH apart and distinguishes them above all others, is a comprehensive, highly focused business model, integrating the most strategic deployment of industry heat treatment experts, proprietary application software and a centralized Quality Management Center (QMC). Superheat FGH provides an off-site command and control operation function to compliment and support heat treatment work in the field, ensuring consistently high levels of quality control, unparalleled around-the-clock surveillance and extensive real-time data management, including process parameters, project activity and instantaneous cost accounting.

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30 Locations Worldwide

We currently operate out of 30 locations worldwide, strategically positioned to support and serve the most prestigious refiners and power producers in the world.

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