What Makes Superheat FGH Different?

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Reveal was created with SFGH client needs in mind.

Receive and View Data Management Reports

Proprietary software developed exclusively by Superheat FGH enabling real-time access to work-in-process by designated project managers, technicians, and authorized customer representatives. SOI resides on a standard Microsoft SharePoint server, conforming to traditional Outlook visual orientation, providing information management capabilities and system integration coordination which is unavailable by any other service provider. Customers and business partners can utilize this breakthrough capability to:

  • Monitor project status, costs and resource allocation in real time
  • Access data anywhere, anytime, over a laptop, cellphone or PDA
  • Integrate and coordinate with other jobsite activity and automation tools
  • Monitor operating status of each console and all performance parameters
  • Enhanced inventory control
  • Optimize jobsite work practices, enhance safety and security
  • Develop customized report strategies for management
The QA Turnover Package is digitized and emailed.

QA Turnover Packages

Every piece of documentation from project planning to final performance charting is digitized, compiled, and distributed by the QMC to any and all authorized customer representatives at the conclusion of the project. Traditional heat treatment turnover packages are limited to a single strip chart presented at the conclusion of a project. Superheat FGH submits a comprehensive, professionally prepared turnover package including:

  • Pre-work order forms
  • Site schematics if provided
  • Performance specifications
  • Wrapping Specification Sheets
  • Calibration Certificates as required
  • Brinnell Hardness test reports (Superheat FGH executed)
  • Final Performance Charts

Materials are distributed to as many locations as necessary, at no additional cost, as part of the normal service our customers, and will also be archived for future distribution should the need arise.

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