The Superheat Difference

Superheat FGH is a full service provider that has pioneered and revolutionized industrial Onsite Heat Treatment, by integrating emerging communication technology (wireless and internet) and equipment advancements with unique and innovative software solutions, to produce the most efficient state-of-the-art onsite heat treatment solution for industrial clients.

Our Process Schematic

A visualization of our process

Features of Our Process

  • Better utilizes already deployed manpower
  • Reduces your safety risk, cost and administrative burdens
  • Shortens critical paths schedules for turnarounds and/or capital projects
  • Avails you to the highest quality heat treatment process in the most responsive and cost effective manner
  • Allows our industry leading heat treatment experts to operate, control and monitor the entire process from our Quality Management Center
  • Allows our clients to monitor all phases of our verifiable heat treatment process

The Benefits Of Our Process

  • Cut Your Project Schedule
  • Utilization of existing site resources dramatically improves project or turnaround time.
  • Maximize Onsite Resources
  • Utilize existing resources already on-site. Increase resource availability for Heat Treatment set up and removal.
  • No Manpower Restrictions
  • QMC technicians operate multiple Heat Treatment processes simultaneously

Process Comparison

Inefficient SolutionSuperheat FGH Solution
Manhours: Installation44
Manhours: Equipment Operation146 (QMC)
Manhours: Dismantle22
Total Hours in Unit206
Total Billable Hours2012
SavingsUp to 40% Savings

Inefficient Solution

Heat treatment 2-person crew is mobilized and processed through plant safety and administration. They setup, wrap, operate and dismantle the equipment. Client is billed 20 hours and is burdened with mobilization and intangible costs of additional administrative tasks.

  • 2-person outside contractor crew 10 hour shift
  • Additional administrative burdens
  • Safety risk of additional outside contractor on facility for additional hours

Superheat FGH Solution

Onsite contractor performs setup, wrap and dismantle (client is billed 6 hours). Superheat FGH controls quality and operates the heat treatment equipment from their Quality Management Center (client is billed 6 hours).

  • 2-person onsite contractor crew 4 hours
  • Quality Management Center 6 hours

What Can Superheat FGH Do For You?