What Makes Superheat FGH Different?

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Superheat FGH, The World’s Most Innovative and Responsive Heat Treatment Service Provider, leads the digital revolution through improved data availability.

Real-time Information and Status

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Reveal™ provides Real-time status of every weld, anywhere and anytime, and summarized daily so owners and contractors can adjust quickly to maintain critical path.

For years, Heat Treatment users have voiced the desire to have increased information in real-time and have access to more ways of viewing Heat Treatment performance at any given moment. Reveal™ has been engineered to provide owners and contractors with unmatched access to in-process weld monitoring to allow for immediate critical decision making. Through secure web access credentials, all parties being measured on schedule performance have the ability to view each critical heat treatment location and current state of the heat treatment cycle those locations reside. This allows for systematic deployment of resources which reduces non-productive time, reduces cost and reduces unnecessary overcrowding of craft.

Customized Reports

Reveal Sample Dashboard

Continuous monitoring also simplifies the reporting process. Owners and Contractors can create their own reports or request daily updates at specified times for cost updates, production updates, discovery work additions, and cost projections enabling leadership to make immediate course corrections or resource adjustments. This depth of information is easily transferrable to P6 or other scheduling software systems keeping all parties synchronized and on the path toward success.


  • In-process Tracking
  • Dashboard Viewing
  • Cost Tracking
  • Secure Web Portal Access
  • Mobile Approvals
  • P6 Integration
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