What Makes Superheat FGH Different?

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Superheat FGH, The World’s Most Innovative and Responsive Heat Treatment Service Provider, has taken the feedback our clients’ have provided and engineered a revolutionary solution.

"End of the Cable Intelligence"

The new SmartPak unit.

SmartPak™ provides “End of the Cable Intelligence” that provides improved safety and real-time data.

For years, Heat Treatment users have voiced the desire to have increased information in real-time and have access to more ways of viewing Heat Treatment performance at any given moment. SmartPak™ was initially designed to create a safer working environment for all parties who work around or manage Heat Treatment, but Superheat FGH determined quickly that more enhancements could be included to the tool and improve our clients’ experience. The Lock-out/Tag-our feature allows only certified personnel to take action at the work piece through the use of personalized RFID cards. Operators cannot energize the equipment without equipment being Locked-out and all users are logged-in through virtual Tag-out.

Having information readily available near the workpiece allows Quality Assurance personnel to track the heating cycle while evaluating set-up of future work areas. Temperature measurements for each Thermocouple are available with the touch of a button.

Improved Productivity

Featuring built in SmartLight technology.

Productivity is improved by reducing wait time for pre-heat temperature achievement. By including the already revolutionary SmartLight™, clients and contractors are visually alerted that a workpiece is ready for welding AND alerted if interpass temperatures are being exceeded so as to control overheating and possible failures.


  • Lock-out/Tag-out
  • Real-time Temperature Readings
  • Built in SmartLight™
  • Thermocouple Status
  • Heating Element Status
  • Security
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