What Makes Superheat FGH Different?

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Cost Reductions

Superheat FGH's proprietary process reduces costs by up to 40%!

On the surface, heat treatment is generally considered a relatively insignificant cost component when compared to other aspects of a major construction project. Many would beg to differ. Not only are there substantial and often times uncontrollable direct time and material costs, but the costs of lost productivity, complicated billing inefficiencies, additional supervision, space and logistical implications, and risk potential open the door for tremendous “indirect” costs.

These are often compounded by unanticipated inspection driven changes in scope, delays to interdependent activities and poor planning on the front end. Superheat FGH has attacked each area through equipment development, process controls and formalized procedural guidelines that regularly cut project costs by one-half or more.

Benefits of Superheat FGH's Process

  • Minimize Safety Risk
  • Save 40% on Cost
  • Maxmimize Quality Control

Labor and Cost Comparison Chart

Inefficient SolutionSuperheat FGH Solution
Manhours: Installation44
Manhours: Equipment Operation146 (QMC)
Manhours: Dismantle22
Total Hours in Unit206
Total Billable Hours2012
SavingsUp to 40% Savings

What Can Superheat FGH Do For You?