What Makes Superheat FGH Different?

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Reduced Safety Risk

Superheat FGH's proprietary process minimizes safety risks by reducing the total hours on-site.

Process Comparison Chart

Inefficient SolutionSuperheat FGH Solution
Manhours: Installation44
Manhours: Equipment Operation146 (QMC)
Manhours: Dismantle22
Total Hours in Unit206
Total Billable Hours2012
SavingsUp to 40% Savings

Unwavering Commitment

In addition, Superheat FGH is very mindful of safety implications and maintains an unwavering commitment to safe and secure work practices. The company carries the highest safety records in the business and has received special recognition for the inventive solutions it has introduced into equipment, process and procedural practices to protect its people, clients and surrounding communities.

Superheat FGH has consistently maintained leading EMR measures and certification of recognition distinction in addition to favorable audit results through the nuclear and petrochemical industries.

The inherent benefits in safety and security coming from reduced numbers of “boots on the ground,” or operating inside of highly secure or hazardous work spaces, can be directly attributable to the company’s innovative use of wireless, remote communication capabilities.

A Few of Superheat FGH's Accreditations

Meets Nuclear Procurement Issues Committee (NUPIC) Requirements

Meets Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee (NIAC) Requirements

ISO 9001 Quality Management certified by BSI Under Certificate Number FS572284

Recent Safety Awards Superheat FGH has Received

Chevron Outstanding Safety Performance Gold Award

Occupational Safety Merit Award from North Dakota Safety Council

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