What Makes Superheat FGH Different?

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The underlying premise and customer motivation for Superheat FGH’s unique business model is the ability to reduce or optimize the substantial and unpredictable labor component that had been an unavoidable cost and safety concern with traditional heat treatment contracts. Superheat FGH actually accepted that challenge and incorporated the most advanced remote communication and control capability to allow its customers flexibility in utilizing labor even more efficiently than expected.

By developing and designing these new process methodologies and equipment advancements, Superheat FGH now is the only heat treatment provider in the world that offers:

  • Substantial reduction in manpower and jobsite supervision for any scope.
  • Ability to take on much larger projects with fewer people.
  • Shared operational solutions for self-performers, closed shop or global integration.
  • Minimally invasive human intervention for highly sensitive and secure locations.
  • Unmatched performance in time constrained inspection driven activity (turnarounds and outages).

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