What Makes Superheat FGH Different?

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A trainee after learning proper wrapping techniques.

Superheat FGH leads the heat treatment industry in their commitment to Training. Not just internal training. Many of our business partners choose to utilize some of their own talented labor resources that may be available to expand their contribution, or more familiar to local Project Management teams. Superheat FGH's new Self-Wrap business model alternative enables customers an added degree of execution flexibility, while Superheat FGH remains in control and accountable.

Many of the traditional heat treatment training programs consisted of page-turner type web based training, CDs, or video with little to no live interaction and no hands-on practical exercises. These courses are offered at considerable cost and at pre-determined locations and times.

Hands-on Training

Our live, hands-on training is the best in the industry. We produce technicians that are skilled, qualified and tested in their abilities. Your heat treatment will be completed with charts and a custom turnover package that demonstrate the accuracy of the work being done.

Flexible Dates and Locations

Superheat FGH offers you cost effective, high quality training and the flexibility to choose the date and location to suit your industry needs.

Whether we provide the trained technicians for your heat treatment project or our certified instructors train your current employees, Superheat FGH offers the most comprehensive Heat Treatment Training and accreditation in the industry!

What Can Superheat FGH Do For You?